Researcher, engineer, hacker, and transhumanist working to understand, enhance, and interface with the human mind.

I've worked with wearables research labs at UofT (Steve Mann), UofA (Kyle Mathewson), and NUS (HCI Lab), built brain sensing glasses at Blueberry, road tripped across Canada in a cybernetic mobile research lab, and completed a Computer Engineering degree (BESc degree). Now, I'm taking a year to do open source independent research, attend Wolfram Summer School, and connect with others working on humanistic technology/research.

One of the best ways to understand what I'm doing is to check out my projects. I believe we are all cyborgs: intelligent biological agents upgraded by the technology we create. I want to continue in this path, existing as and developing the next generation of human intelligence and experiential enhancement. This work includes knowledge, memory, learning, conversation, social, health, music, sensing, etc. intelligence and experience enhancing tools, realized through wearable computers, brain-computer interfaces, and more.

Please feel free to reach out, I will respond. I'm actively seeking project collaborators (Open Source) with skills, especially electronics, mech/CAD, neuroscience, mathematics/data, software.

Current (2022):

  • Lead at Emex Labs building IA/HI technologies.

  • Independent Academic Researcher, see papers

  • Wearables/Neurotech/HCI Consultant

  • Open Source projects contributor, see Current Open Source Projects Overview and Github

    • Developing the Wearable Intelligence System, an Open Source smart glasses application suite and software framework

    • Developing Open Source wearable microphone array for far field, multi-speaker automatic speech recognition. See project repo.

    • Syncing brain stimulation (TACS) and music to create immersive musical experiences in a wearable form factor. See project repo.

Featured Work

Wearable Intelligence System

Description and Code

1. A software framework to serve as the backend for a number of Wearable Computing research experiments, use cases, and applications. 2. Baked-in tools to upgrade human intelligence with smart glasses, including conversational intelligence, social intelligence, memory, knowledge, and thinking upgrades.

Mobilab: 40 Year Old RV Mobile Hacker Lab

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I converted a 40 year old RV into a mobile hacker lab for wearable computing adventures across North America.

Wearable Social Assistant



A custom wearable computer designed to enhance your social intelligence in human interactions, accomplished by a computer co-processor that provides you with insights into the non-verbal communication being displayed around you.

A custom wearable computer with processor, camera, microphone, stereo sound, WiFi+Bluetooth, power, and all day battery life. Social tools AI software stack runs on the wearable.

Human Eye as a Camera

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A wearable computer that can scan the visual cortex and image what the subject is looking at.

This was accomplished using a wearable SSVEP EEG system.

Collaboration with Steve Mann, Derek Lam, Kyle Mathewson, Jeremy Stairs, Jesse Hernandez, Georges Kanaan, Luke Piette, Humza Khokhar

Audio Evoked Potentials BCI (early prototype)

A rapidly prototyped EEG BCI using neural speech entrainment to identify moments in received speech that the listener finds relevant, tagging these events in memory. The wearable computer listens to audio data, runs it through a digital processing pipeline, and then correlates the processed audio with filtered EEG data, in real-time. We built a wearable headband with light indicators to represent someone's audio attention using the Audio Evoked Potentials system prototype.

Collaboration with Kyle Mathewson at APP lab and Jeremy Stairs.